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Product Name: E-1000-H Automatic six station automatic solder machine
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Origin: Chinese
Order Phone: +86-769-86860522
Product Description

Product series:
The model series: E-1000-H (standard type), E-1000-H1 (automatic shift type automatic solder machine).
Product features:
> automatic solder machine adopts precision PLC controller, each part of the implementation of components to use quality brand, good assurance of accuracy.
Automatic / manual and automatic flux, automatic soldering, automatic cooling or pinching, automatic test (resistance) and the sorting, automatic unloading material and the tray and other process completed by > soldering machine.
> tin stove adopts imported titanium plate made, durable environmental protection, furnace structure adopts the most advanced mother tank or blowing soldering process, precisely to complete small spacing, a short needle, no injury in the process of the product processing.
> automatic solder machine can be free collocation, automatic equipment system integration work, can lead to a wide range of stability, high.

Technical parameters:

Model: E-1000-H
Working number: 3 ~ 6
Axis number: 2, 4
Working mode: multi station movement of circular track
Motor power: 750W
Control mode: PLC
Set their accuracy: 0.1
Tin tank size: 155*110*65
Tin material: 0 degrees, 90 degrees
Heating tube power: 0.03 – 0.6mm
Temperature: 600 MAX
Air pressure: 4-6kgf/c square meters
Voltage: AC220V/50HZ (AC110V/60HZ)
Total power consumption: 1.8KW
Gross weight: 300KG
Machine size: 1200W*1200L*1300Hmm
Packing size: 1250W*1250L*1300Hmm

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