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ESM automatic winding machine features?

2018-04-03 11:21:09

The full-automatic winding machine produced by ESM has many specifications, including six-axis automatic winding machine, eight-axis automatic winding machine, ten-axis automatic winding machine, and twelve-axis automatic winding machine. 16-axis automatic winding machine.
The automatic winding machine has a novel streamline appearance, reasonable structure, and high rigidity. It is the latest generation of software running in our factory and has high stability. It can be used for the winding process and precision characteristics that cannot be handled by the same products of the same industry.
Automatic winding machine using windows programming, loading the latest version of ESM high-performance winding machine software, equipped with IPC independent high-speed operation, simple and user-friendly teaching control interface, Chinese, English optional dialogue, easy to learn operation;
All important accessories are imported from abroad, making the technology world of fully automatic winding machine to be cast. The structure is reasonable and compact, the movement is rigid, the response frequency is fast, the movement accuracy is high, the stability of the whole machine is high, and the work environment is adaptable;
Automatic winding machine with self-diagnosis function, easy to overhaul, the key is that the machine has a multi-point protection, simple structure, less failure;
This series of models and automatic feeding system, automatic soldering system, automatic detection system, etc., can be synthesized automated production line;
Uniform and neat rows, stable performance, and affordable prices, are suitable for different customers at all levels.
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