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Product Name: E-1306-T Hand Type Automatic Six Axis Had Bound Winding Machine
Products Catalogue: Precision Coil Winding Machines
Origin: Chinese
Order Phone: +86-769-86860522
Product Description

Product series:
This Machine series: 6 axis(E-1306) standard、12axis(E-1312) 。

Produc features:
The novel appearance streamline design, simple and reliable, compact and reasonable structure, to adapt to the working environment characteristics of strong, high accuracy;
This series of winding machine using the latest version of ESM research and development of high performance machine software, touch screen real-time programming, user-friendly operation interface in teaching, English optional dialogue, easy and simple operation; password storage function, prevent unauthorized persons to modify the program, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, less faults;

The winding products:
Switching power supply transformer, EE transformer, EI transformer, coil, inductance, ABS, and special products

Optional device:
loading and unloading device (L), wire device (T), the attenuation device (S), automatic cutting device (Q)。

Specifications Table:
Type:E-1306 | E-1312
Spindle number:6 |1 2
Spindle pitch:80mm | 36mm
Max.wire diameter:36 / 60mm | 16/ 32mm
Motor power:X:400 Y:400 Z:400 Spindle:750(standard)
Spindle diameter:Ф8mm
Spindle speed:MAX 12000RPM(standard)
Controller:ESM CNC multi-axis motion controller
Programming method:Touch screen
Storage method:Direct storage + USB
Traverse moving range:X:100mm Y:100mm Z:60mm
Spindle Positioning precise:±0.1°
Mobile location accuracy:0.01mm
Entangler angle:0°、90°
Wire range:0.02—0.3mm | 0.02—0.2mm
Air pressure:4-6kgf/c㎡
Power voltage:AC220V/50HZ(AC110V/60HZ)
Total power:2.2KW
Machine weight:250KG
Machine size:1000W*950L*1300Hmm (Without wire rack)
Package dimensions:1150W*1050L*1300Hmm

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