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 LX-1106-T Six-shaft automatic winding machine with stranded wires | Winding machine|automatic winding machine|automatic winding machine|Dongguan ESM Electronic technology Co., Ltd.essay writer
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Product Name: LX-1106-T Six-shaft automatic winding machine with stranded wires
Products Catalogue: Flat coiling machine series
Origin: Chinese
Order Phone: +86-769-86860522
Product Description

Six-shaft automatic winding machine with stranded wires/ Model:LX-1106-T

◎ Features

> The machine has the characteristics of the novel contour, the reasonable structure, the heavy machine body and the excellent stability. And it is manufactured by quality steel products.

> The CNC digital inverter control system is applied in this machine, and the machines have the characteristics of easy operation, rare maintenance and little malfunctions.

> The variable frequency drive type is applied. The winding displacement is aided with precise servo driven type in low noise, leading to a fast and precise follow. The accessories are from the worldwide brands with high performance, long service period and adaptable working environment.

> The extraction and storage can reach 1000 steps, and cylinder number, width, wire diameter, direction, speed,and some other parameters can be set. Besides, precise count,backup data for power fail, overload and over-current protection, strong anti-interference are possessed.

◎Winding products

EI transformer,High frequency transformer,Pulse transformer, Inductance coil, Adapter power supply and other special products.

◎Technical Parameters

The spindle number:6-axis

Speed of main axis:8000RPM

Control method:CNC digital inverter control system is applied


Main shaft fixture diameter:Φ12mm

Wire size range:Φ0.03-0.35mm(Tensioner work scope according to wire diameter)

Winding width:40mm

Wire arrangement width:140mm

Strand length:250mm

Strand speed:3000RPM

The winding wire diameter:Φ0.03-0.15mm

working air pressure:4-6kgf/ c㎡

Working voltage:220VAC

Equipment size:L/1010*W/640*H/1000mm

Equipment weight:120kg

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