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Some problems of automatic winding machine operation

2018-04-03 11:08:08

The company is mainly engaged in winding machine, automatic winding machine, automatic winding machine, the company also pays great attention to some minor problems such as the normal operation of the winding machine. To get the best results from the winding machine, it is necessary to pay attention to some problems during operation. The following are some issues that you should pay attention to when the Assmere winding machine operates normally.
1. The user must check the firmware, lubrication, power supply and electronic circuit of the winding machine before each start-up. Whether the system is in a normal state, especially in the cold winter, the equipment can be warmed up when starting.
2. The operation steps of starting up and shutting down the winding machine must be performed according to the given sequence.
3, in the normal operation, do not press the reset button or emergency stop button, if accidentally pressed, in order not to waste wire, need to manually control the return to the last winding reference point of operation.
4. When the winding machine is in normal operation, it is not allowed to open the electric drawer or remove the cover plate, otherwise electric shock or other accidents may occur.
5. In the event of a failure, the operator must pay attention to keeping the site, and truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to the maintenance personnel in order to analyze the problem and find the cause of the failure.
6. Do not arbitrarily change the parameters set by the manufacturer within the control system and components before the operator has received relevant approvals.
This is a problem that we should pay attention to at ordinary times. If you have other problems, please call Ismail and we will give you detailed answers.

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