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Which industries need to use a ring winding machine?

2018-04-03 11:12:57

The ring winder is similar to the winding machine in that it is a machine that winds a linear object onto a specific workpiece.
Most of the electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (abbreviated as enameled wire) to be wound into an inductor coil. It is necessary to use a winding machine or an annular winding machine.
For example: all kinds of motors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, various size transformers, televisions and other electronics, transformer industry, and radios in the week, inductors, line output transformer (high voltage package), electronic ignition, mosquito killer On the high-voltage coils, horns, headphones, voice coils of microphones, etc., the coils in these products need to be wound with a ring winding machine.
The textile industry uses cotton yarns, rayon yarns, etc. to wind all kinds of yarns and yarns suitable for textile machines. These need to be wound with a ring winding machine. The wire wound by commonly used ring winding machines is mostly enamelled copper wire (winding coils for electronic and electrical products), textile threads (winding yarns used for winding machines, coils), and coils for heating appliances. The hotline and solder wire, wires, cables, etc.
There are many types of ring winding machines, which can be classified into general-purpose and special-purpose types according to their uses. General-purpose types of winding machines are suitable for installing a variety of frame windings with one or several wires.
The common universal ring winder includes: a single-headed machine with a circle around the shaft, and a “double-headed machine” 3-header “…” 6-head machine “.
Winding transformer square transformer special machine;
1、Square transformer special-(thin wire special machine, thick wire special machine)
2, dedicated toroidal transformers – (large ring machine, ring machine, small ring machine)
3, other types of transformer transformer winding machine process requirements:
(1) It is possible to control the take-up and rewind, and the normal work is in the line-out state;
(2) During the entire operation, the tension swing rod is required to be stable;
(3) A brake is applied immediately after a stop.
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